Wednesday 30 January 2013

Importance of Anchor text in SEO

What is an Anchor Text

The text which carries a link to the other webpage is called Anchor text. It should be few words or short phrase.
For example
SEO services” here is called an Anchor text as it carries a link to one of my Blog (

Importance of  Anchor text:

· Increase the keyword Ranking
Now suppose I am optimizing my blog and want to get it on top result for some keywords. How can I target that specific keyword? It is through Anchor text. I will explain it how.
Now for optimizing my blog or website I will write some articles related to that topic. In that article I will have a anchor text (linking to my website) which will be my targeting keyword. Lets say It will be “ SEO Services”.
Now when any visitor enter my website or blog through this article, my keyword will be emphasized and Search Engine will rank it on a higher position compared to other keywords.
· Easier Navigation to different webpages
If you want a visitor to stay on you website for longer duration then apart from good content, good navigation is also required. You have to connect your webpage with various other pages of your website so that the visitor can have smooth navigation. This can be done through placing proper anchor text on your web pages which links to the other web pages of your website.
If you want to get more informatation on various strategise of SEO then refer the mentioned book named "SEO Made Simple" by Michael H. Fleischner. It gives information about On page Optimization, Off page Optimization, Off page SEO techniques and much more.


1. Using Generic anchor text like “ Page”, “Article” or “Click here”.
2. Don’t use text that is off Topic
3. Using Excessively keyword filled anchor text.